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Jason Monroe sume.yung.guy at gmail.com
Mon Nov 9 01:53:02 UTC 2015

Hi Guys,

I was thinking that it would be super fantastical awesome to automate the
process of creating virtual machines with digital ocean.

They have a python API which is pretty easy to use

As I have used it to create instances

There is dictionaries, use of the requests library, JSON, there could also
be a small element of shell scripting for "UserData" OR using a python 3rd
party module to SSH into the newly created VM in digital ocean.

This would potentially provide for:

- Understanding of the digital ocean API which could translate to AWS and
other cloud providers

- How to use SSH OR user data to initialize the instance once it's been
created so customizations can be added to new instance rather than keeping
a system running

- How to use Paramiko to run ssh to automate commands

- How to use python regular expressions to run commands and check the

- Add On would be using Flask or some other web framework to display the
total success or failure of the commands that are run

Why would you care:
- From a system administration perspective this could help with the testing
of new RPMs Kernel included
- From a QA perspective you could provision environments and test them
- Deploy different topologies OR stacks to test various web servers / proxy
- Automation is cool and potentially easier than you might think

Thoughts? Feelings ? Concerns


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