[Rack] Susan The Rack Network Re-organization

Jonathan Lassoff jof at thejof.com
Sat Apr 10 22:49:18 UTC 2010

Yesterday afternoon, I reorganized the network cabling and switches in
Susan the Rack (this is the equipment rack in the supply closet) a

There used to be a small 12-port unmanaged switch (from like, 1999),
that in the seemingly-endless quest to rid the space of unmanaged
switches, I removed and replaced.

I setup two small switches we had going at 83c for more important
switchports and uplinks. So, there's now an 8-port managed switch in the
top shelf that terminates the uplinks to the ADSL2+ modem, our
Monkeybrains Wifi CPE, and both routers.

It also drops two downlinks, one to the old main switch (switch1.noise,
the Dell one), and another to a second 12-port managed switch.

The second 12-port managed switch terminates less-important uplinks like
the APs and ports for servers in Susan the Rack (pony and stallion right

I was having trouble getting the Dell switch to configure a name for a
VLAN, so I just left it as a distribution switch that we can use to
connect patch cables and classrooms to the main "inside" network.

Part of the thinking I had in this design was that only the switch and
soekrises on the top shelf need to at least be on to keep everything
working (in case of an outage, or needing to move the rack and

I added some info to the wiki in these sections:



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