[Rack] Noisebridge-tor ap?

Jonathan Lassoff jof at thejof.com
Fri Feb 26 00:49:07 UTC 2010

Excerpts from Rubin Abdi's message of Wed Feb 24 13:27:27 -0800 2010:
> Jonathan Lassoff wrote, On 20100224 131019:
>  > Oh yeah. Ok, I've seen that one. I don't think that's a net4526 though.
>  > It also has his name on it, so we ought to check with him first.
> It's a net4526, or so the board says. In a previous discussion Matt said 
> he had given the thing to Noisebridge.

I must be confused.

Awesome! If we can use it, it's likely a much more open and able to be
poked and prodded, as someone might want to do.
The madwifi drivers for the Atheros chips aren't bad either.

> I sat there last night for a while trying to reset them to get an 
> address or something over ethernet. Nothing.

Bummer, oh well.

Jake, what's a good base to start from for a well-built tor non-exit
I'm thinking a Debian stable base with minimal packages to start.

What's the best transparent interception-and-SOCKS-ification of traffic


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