[Rack] problems in Susan the Rack: two machines died

jim jim at well.com
Sat Feb 27 21:36:25 UTC 2010

   many thanks for your response, rubin. all of it 
makes sense. 
   i'm actually at a loss to figure out why both 
machines would have died at the same time in the 
same way. the commonalities of someone touching 
and the connection to the UPS remain, but neither 
seems likely to have caused problems--they're just 
the only straws around to grasp at. 

   as to collaborative actions, i'd like that we 
dress and route the cables and cords properly. 
   as Susan the Rack is on wheels, maybe power 
and cable routing should be mounted on the rack 
with cables connecting to external power and 
network devices coming from a limited place on 
the rack and with sufficient length to allow us 
to move the rack around as needed. 

   as to my boxes, i took the power supply i 
disassembled to my favorite shop: actnet on judah 
at 27th; julie said she'd have one of her techs 
see what he can discover and she'll order me 
another one. i'll just leave the other box in 
place until i figure out what went wrong with 
the one i've disassembled. 

   also, julie's prices for DDR2 RAM are about 
$40 per 1G stick. 
   i've asked julie for current prices of sata 
ssd drives. she'll get back with what she finds. 
   she's got 2TB 3.5 inch drives available. 
more thanks, 
415 823 4590 my cellphone, call anytime 


On Sat, 2010-02-27 at 13:10 -0800, Rubin Abdi wrote:
> Hi Jim. Sorry to hear that your machines aren't working.
> I'm certain we didn't removed your machine from the rack while moving 
> everything else in last week. And I can't think of any reason why there 
> would be physical damage to your machines. Either way I'm sorry if any 
> of my actions would have cause issues with your hardware.
> As far as plugging it into the UPS goes, that might have been me or 
> Jason Spence just trying to connect whatever was there into the UPS 
> because from some crazy reason redundancy for those machines made sense 
> at the time. If the UPS puked bad power I'm pretty sure more hardware 
> then just yours would have croaked.
> Anyhow, I would like to come in and help you debug your machines. I have 
> to wait at home tomorrow (Monday) for USPS to pick up a package, after 
> that I'll head down to Noisebridge. I could give you a ring when that 
> happens, or just swing by Tuesday sometime after 12:00. Please let me know.

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