[Rack] request for fighting chance

Jonathan Lassoff jof at thejof.com
Sat Jun 19 06:26:22 UTC 2010

Excerpts from jim's message of Fri Jun 18 19:30:18 -0700 2010:
>    today, friday 20100618, there was no access to 
> the internet. we looked at the wilderness in susan, 
> the rack, and could not discover a host that might 
> be a gateway. we looked in the DJ booth and it 
> seemed to us that no equipment was on (ergo no 
> gateway there). 

I think the phone line to the DSL modem still runs up to the DJ booth,
but that's all, it patches back down to the "Pen Island" closet in the
main room.

>    if we'd found a gateway host, what could we 
> have done? power it off and then on, I suppose. 

That would be a reasonable thing to try. You could also try pinging the
inside gateway(s), and

In investigating the situation, it seems that (gorilla), and
the monkeybrains link in front of it seems to be down.

>    how to apply for a fighting chance to restore 
> internet access in the event that the gateway is 
> down? (would love access to the root account 
> along with info as to where, physically, the 
> gateway host is located. will cheerfully work for 
> privileges; would be glad to help improve the 
> neatness factor of the rack area.) 

The critical equipment is in the top of the rack, attached to
switch2.noise. As long as that switch and the equipment attached to it
are up, noisebridge should be online (assuming there isn't an ISP

I've tried to detail all of this on this wiki page:

If you'd like an account on the routers, and are comfortable on OpenBSD
hosts, go ahead and add your SSH key to your wiki user page or mail it
so that someone can add you to the authorized_keys file on the routers.


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