[Rack] mpd horsy fix / pony firewall fix

Sebastian Werner blackwing at ccc.de
Tue Jun 22 19:24:27 UTC 2010

Hey folks,

just to introduce myself... I am Sebastian, a roaming hacker from
Germany who is just around this summer working at UC Berkeley. In
Germany I am long-term member of the CCC taking care of the BGP / Inet
Uplink at the CCC congress and doing CCC infrastructure sysadmin.

miloh told me to drop u a line in order to get that music player fixed.
so this is just a notice, what happened - not wanna to afront someone,
just give a notice.

yesterday i was told to around why music was not working, so i checked on
pony, where the music itself sits - and the mpd frontend.

the music itself seemed to come from the mpd running at horsy...
so i checked horsy. and i found out, that the nfs mount of pony is not

we got stuck at the point, that root axs was required, but no root-user
was around and grub protected.
(btw, if you edit a file like grub/menu.lst which is 600, you
should make sure, that nano does not save a umask-backup at 644 named
menu.lst~ - but you chose a good password so john was not a fast hit on
$1$QxTUR/$5pheFGQ8d0VZ7SXKr/xFh/ ;)

thanks to ieatlint & miloh who provided access to pony & horsy, so i
could go on today.

it all went down to find out, that the mountd at pony was not working -
cause of the firewall. cause: rpcinfo to pony worked, but not showmount.

so I saw the firewall at pony - and by looking around I saw, that the
mountd was not on accept. 

the smart addition of the moundtopt to the nfs-kernel-server option was there,
but it was "--p 4002", but either --port or -p work, but no mixtures of
those :)

so i corrected that and it is all working again.

additionally I put soft,intr,auto,user to the fstab at horsy, so that in
further situations we dont need root access to fix.

probably it was working before pony was rebooted, as u set the filter
then :)

take care.

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