[Rack] Sonic fusion promotional pricing

Jacob Appelbaum jacob at appelbaum.net
Tue Mar 2 22:54:37 UTC 2010

Dr. Jesus wrote:
> Sonic just mailed me and said they reduced the price for bonded Fusion
> service.  We have a single, non-bonded Fusion circuit at 2169 now.
> Right now we're paying about $100ish / mo for 18Mbps down / 1Mbps up.
> The new rate for bonded Fusion service is $160 / mo for 18Mbps down /
> 2Mbps up, double the upstream capacity.
> Is doubling the upstream capacity worth the extra $whatever a month?
> The poor Tx queuing behavior seen by r00ter seems to have gone away
> (there are still connectivity problems but I don't know of any
> symptoms which aren't wireless related), but the 5MoF people have told
> me they're still having problems with streaming video.
> Jeffrey, exactly how much are we paying now?  Matt, did you commit to
> a term when you signed the original agreement?

What about the monkey brains link? Do we really need to rely on the DSL?


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