[Rack] Noisebridge repo and bug tracking

Rubin Abdi rubin at starset.net
Wed Mar 17 10:47:26 UTC 2010

Debian-based Linux:
  $ apt-get install mercurial
  $ port install mercurial
  Go fuck yourself.


On your local machine:
Get a copy of the remote repo and create a local working copy...
  $ hg clone ssh://pony.noisebridge.net//var/hg/panel

After making changes to your local copy, commit them to your local repo...
  $ hg commit
After adding/removing files to your local copy, commit them to your
local repo...
  $ hg addremove
  $ hg commit

Now that your local repo has these new changes, push them pony's repo...
  $ hg push

Someone else made changes to the repo on pony and you want your local
repo to reflect the updates...
  $ hg pull
Your repo is now up to date but your local working copy isn't...
  $ hg up

Pony has the changes in the repo thanks to your push, but now you want
to update pony's working copy...
  $ ssh pony.noisebridge.net hg up /var/hg/panel

Noisegate is the same thing, except replace /var/hg/panel with /var/hg/gate.

The Noisegate project now contains the opengate scripts and the generate
new key script. The keys are stored in /var/gatekey/. All the scripts
are soft linked to where they were so no one should notice the
difference. Please let me know if I fucked something up moving things

Both projects have read access to anyone who's got a pony account, so if
you want to check out the code go for it. I've given write access to
those who've shown interest in both projects. If you feel like that's
you and you don't have access, email me. If you feel like you know
someone who would like it, forward them this email. Again I would
appreciate it if only individuals got this and not an entire list. Thanks.

I haven't figured out how to setup public access via http. If you think
this should happen, figure out how to do it under Mercurial and then
come and find me and we'll set it up.

Rubin Abdi
rubin at starset.net

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