[Rack] ChaosVPN device

Dr. Jesus j at hug.gs
Thu May 20 08:29:43 UTC 2010

Miah and I had a look at it again tonight and (re-) discovered the
following things:

 - If you send DHCP requests on the sonic.net interface, the upstream
router stops talking to you at layer 3 (but ARP still works).

 - Troubleshooting with sonic late at night is probably a bad idea
because the support techs have to be out shortly after 11 or they have
some kind of problem with automatic locks in their building.

 - I have no idea who the 415 area code phone numbers on the sonic.net
account are.

 - They still think we're ops at noisebridge.net.

 - The la fonera device will send DHCP requests even if the external
interface is configured for static addressing.

 - There is no obvious DHCP client running on the la fonera, and
neither of us could find where the fon* daemons are documented with a
quick search.

 - The grey 9 port dual speed 10/100 hub that's lying around to be
used as a network tap didn't want to negotiate 100BaseT with our
Macbooks, so they synced up at 10BaseT.  It did, however, sync up at
100BaseT with the la fonera device and the Cisco devices on either
side of the tap.  Since it's a dual speed hub, there's a switch
between the 10 mbit and 100 mbit sides and a Macbook (Pro) won't see
any 100 mbit traffic if you just plug it in like a normal tap.
Manually configuring your Macbook's en0 interface to do 100 mbit will
solve this problem.

I wrote up the changes on the wiki.  I didn't patch the network
diagram because I couldn't find the original, and I suspect this
configuration isn't finalized yet since more troubleshooting might be
needed.  Jof, what did you use to make that?

I also left the tap in the rack, Miah said she's going to poke at it
more tomorow.

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