[Rack] static IP request

Jake jake at spaz.org
Wed Nov 24 01:59:24 UTC 2010

> What are you trying to accomplish exactly? Is the static address to
> facilitate connecting to it to control it from another remote computer
> (local to the space or otherwise).
> What protocol will it speak?

the goal is for the computer brain of the robot to be something that can 
be connected to directly from the outside world.  People will be able to 
drive the robot around from anywhere, and have various types of data 
streams going back and forth.  For example the motor control has to be 
bidirectional because the brain has to confirm that the user is still 
connected AND has not ceased to want movement, otherwise the motos must be 
stopped.  For starters we are doing everything over an ssh session, from 
the keyboard, but many more things will be implemented including, i 
suspect, a web interface.

BenBE helped today by coming up with the following commands:
ifconfig wlan2 add netmask broadcast
route add default gw

these result in a static IP of 0.50 and seem to work.  He set it up with a 
google DNS server and so i guess we are no longer using DHCP.

What i would like next would be a way to ssh into the box (port 22) from 
the outside world.  This can be port-forwarding from an available port on 
a server already setup somewhere, but for minimal latency I look forward 
to earning the use of a dedicated static IP.

at the moment the box is powered up and on, and i will likely leave it 
running headless when i go home, but atm there is no way into it from the 
outside world and i would like to change that.

by the way if you want to log in and check it out, it's mchawking emc.
just like it says on the wiki page.


> Basically, everything that you've mentioned is *possible*, but I'd
> like to help you find a solution that will be portable and reusable.
> * It's possible to assign a static address for use on the wireless
> network. The DHCP server hands out addresses from through
>, so stuff from -> is available
> for static assignments. We've been coordinating on the wiki at
> https://www.noisebridge.net/wiki/Resources/Network#
> * A static IP on the wireless network is harder, but possible. It
> could be accomplished by setting up a 1-to-1 NAT mapping on the
> router, or plumbing another VLAN to another WiFi SSID.
> Things I would recommend to start:
> * Pick a static IP that doesn't seem to be in use (
> seems to be available). Setup this assignment on your host.
> * Configure mDNS / Avahi so that local computers can easily find out this IP.
> * Perhaps setup a service on pony (the main server in the closet)
> that can forward requests to the wheelchair. HTTP would be awesome for
> this -- not sure what you're envisioning.
> It doesn't seem like the wheelchair is online with that IP right now,
> and I'm not seeing traffic from that MAC address. What's the setup
> like now? How do you connect to the wheelchair to control it?
> Cheers,
> jof

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