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On Tue, Nov 23, 2010 at 5:59 PM, Jake <jake at spaz.org> wrote:

> > What are you trying to accomplish exactly? Is the static address to
> > facilitate connecting to it to control it from another remote computer
> > (local to the space or otherwise).
> > What protocol will it speak?
> the goal is for the computer brain of the robot to be something that can
> be connected to directly from the outside world.  People will be able to
> drive the robot around from anywhere, and have various types of data
> streams going back and forth.  For example the motor control has to be
> bidirectional because the brain has to confirm that the user is still
> connected AND has not ceased to want movement, otherwise the motos must be
> stopped.  For starters we are doing everything over an ssh session, from
> the keyboard, but many more things will be implemented including, i
> suspect, a web interface.
Maybe to give some form -- there's a (currently nonfunctional) Tundra cam in
the Rockies that I used to access from time to time.  The camera is in a
fixed position, but with controls for zoom and XY camera angle.  freely
viewable but controlled by users in a queue.  A cool project that might give
this one a more specific form.


Are there other projects to draw elements and inspiration from?

Maybe folks at Noisebridge would enjoy working on things like front end
chrome, security, and a suitable backend/interface for  domain/site, then
move on to scheduling the prerequisite McHawking drive-a-thon, and
telepresence Brulee class that was planned for and forgotten a year and a
half back.

-ronald miloh alexander
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