[Rack] fixed: horsy audio and video

Patrick Keys citizenkeys at gmail.com
Sat Nov 27 12:25:51 UTC 2010

Horsy audio and video are fixed.
Video was fixed earlier tonight by updating nvidia drivers and some 
Audio was a giant pain to fix.
I had to completely remove and re-configured alsa (debian's sound 
manager) plus all its dependencies.

Some notes:
* Microphone option needs to stay muted in the Volume controls.
* Loud hiss noise from speakers when microphone option isn't muted.
* Debian on horsy is lenny, which is two years old.
* Debian should probably be completely updated at some point.
* VLC for lenny is also two years old, and it doesn't work.
* Use "Movie Player" icon on desktop to play video; VLC doesn't work.
* Videos seem to be stored completely on pony, not horsy. They should 
probably be moved directly to horsy to reduce unnecessary network traffic.
* horsy could also probably use a bigger chassis with room for a dvd 
drive and extra hard drives. i might grab an extra chassis and work on 
this myself unless somebody has any objections. let me know.

citizenkeys at gmail . com

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