[Rack] Updated the gate just a slight bit

Benny Baumann BenBE1987 at gmx.net
Mon Nov 29 23:46:01 UTC 2010


Am Montag, den 29.11.2010, 15:31 -0800 schrieb Rubin Abdi:
> Benny Baumann wrote, On 20101129 143914:
> > it seems a proper cron job is missing for the key update or I couldn't
> > find it on pony.noise, or the invokation for the newkey.sh script on
> > pony didn't work. I executed the script by hand for this week, so the
> > key is updated.
> > 
> > Please recheck the key update procedure works properly and is calling
> > the update script in the process.
> cat /etc/crontab | grep newkey
> So after looking at everything, it looks like the script is running
> fine, things got rotated around into their correct spots at midnight. I
> would recommend glancing at /var/gatekey/ to see if things got updated
> or not. Remember that oldkeys will not reflect anything recent.
When I had a look at things when I came to NB at around 1:30 pm and
looked at the keys it said the current key for both current and next.

Okay, I did some more changes for the gate:
- Commented the tools/newkey.sh script to make shane happy.
- Indentation for www/index.php and www/keyentry.php
- Int/Bool mixup reduced and cleaned up. Now whatever is treated as a
boolean IS a boolean for PHP.
- Fixed an issue recently introduced regarding static keys: Every link
warned the user about his key expiring soon, even if not necessary.
- Added the public IP of pony to the list of happy IPs

Some more minor changes might follow.

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