[Rack] Noisebridge.{com,org,net} domain

Andy Isaacson adi at hexapodia.org
Tue Sep 7 19:49:30 UTC 2010

On Tue, Sep 07, 2010 at 09:22:21AM -0700, Dr. Jesus wrote:
> Were there any plans to transfer this to Noisebridge's control?  I'm
> doing a project which requires interfacing with ARIN, and they're
> pointing out that the contact information for our domain is probably
> in violation of ICANN's requirements for the registrar:
> A Registered Name Holder's willful provision of inaccurate or
>   unreliable information, its willful failure promptly to update information
>   provided to Registrar, or its failure to respond for over fifteen calendar
>   days to inquiries by Registrar concerning the accuracy of contact
>   details associated with the Registered Name Holder's registration
>   shall constitute a material breach of the Registered Name
>   Holder-registrar contract and be a basis for cancellation of the
>   Registered Name registration.
> I know Jake has good reasons to want to protect his privacy at the
> moment, so perhaps it would be best if the domain was handed over to
> Noisebridge?  We don't have any requirement to keep our address
> private.

I am pretty sure Museumsplatz 1 is a valid forwarding address for
Noisebridge.  The phone number and email addresses are valid.  So I
don't see a problem with the registration as it currently stands.  It
certainly doesn't point to our primary place of "business", but that's
quite common in domain registrations; as long as the address is valid
and a current forwarding address, that should suffice.

I'd definitely be against transfering the domain to an amorphous
"corporation" registration without a clearly responsible individual.


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