[Rack] doorport - do you know how the door opener works?

Jake jake at spaz.org
Wed Dec 7 06:35:43 UTC 2011

> Jake, what is the difference between https://www.noisebridge.net/wiki/User:Jake and
> https://www.noisebridge.net/wiki/User:Jerkey

i don't know, i guess they are both me.  I made the jerkey one to edit 
wiki pages, and i made the jake one so that i could be given ssh access to 

> Do you want your SSH key for "jake" pushed to minotaur?

yes, that would be great.  so, what's that machine "for" and what is 
running on it?

> I'm happy to help facilitate making anything related work with the 
> hardware/software, since I feel like I know it well. However, from my 
> perspective, it was already working. Coming onto the list and saying 
> "Help! Make the door work!" doesn't make it clear what you're looking 
> for, or how anyone can help you out.

I did the hardware, since there was nothing to plug the door wiring into 
anymore (the Wise box was gone and i heard they are bunk anyway) but I had 
nowhere to begin to try to get it to work with the new setup.

It turns out that the hardware was working when i sent that message, 
except that a wire had come loose on the dooropener circuitboard, which I 
fixed with Danny.  But hardware is nothing without software, and there was 
no software on the Minotaur to activate it.  It's fixed now, says Danny.

rock on!

> I put the two most-helpful tools for dealing with the hardware on minotaur:
>  - /usr/local/sbin/open-door (a setuid root binary that "buzzes" open the door with the parallel port hardware)
>  - /usr/local/sbin/parport_daemon (a setuid binary that takes control of the parallel port, starts listening on UDP
>, and talks a simple protocol to query the state of the ringer and open the gate)
> Personally, I'd like to use the parport_daemon program going forward, though most of the scripts others use are not setup
> to use it just yet. The protocol is dead simple. Ask it "Sup?" and it will respond with "Nothing." (nobody's ringing) or
> "RING!" (someone is or just rang the gate buzzer). If you send it "OPEN!" it will respond "Acknowledged. Buzzing it
> open." (buzzes open the door) or "Already opened recently." (if someone beat you to it -- there's a timeout to avoid
> wailing on the solenoid).
> So, to open the gate from pony, one could do something like: echo -n 'OPEN!' | socat stdio udp4:minotaur.noise:30012
> I should probably make a wrapper script or controller around that next.
> I'm also thinking it would be cute to have the computer hosting the daemon to also announce a Zeroconf/Avahi service
> records for the door. Maybe _door._udp?
> Cheers,
> jof

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