[Rack] Fwd: Malware notification regarding noisebridge.net

Rubin Abdi rubin at starset.net
Thu Dec 8 02:31:36 UTC 2011

All of my sites under that shared host account have gotten touched. So I
doubt the target was specifically the nb blog. If it was a php/wordpress
exploit, they got to touch everything else under my home directory.

.htaccess from the nb blog...


Weirdly enough it seems like noisebridge.starset.net was the only site
that actually respected the redirects. I don't understand why none of my
other sites are barfing...

.htaccess from a different site that's nothing more than a file store...


Anyhow. So our options are...

* Give up on the blog - Suck
* Migrate to some other blogging technology that is either just as
broken, or wont be as easy to post to as the current blog as been - I'm
not doing the migration work
* Leave the blog running on Dreamhost and hope my shared server doesn't
get the lulz p0ned - Fuck
* Migrate the db to a wordpress network instance I'm running on an
entirely different VPS that's a little more locked down - Requires time

rubin at starset.net

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