[Rack] Noisebridge Github Account

Andy Isaacson adi at hexapodia.org
Thu Dec 15 03:30:23 UTC 2011

On Wed, Dec 14, 2011 at 06:40:29PM -0800, Jonathan Lassoff wrote:
> There appears to be a "Noisebridge" github account.
> Does anyone on either of these lists control this? I'd very much like to
> add a proper logo and some Noisebridge-related code on there.

Yes, I created that account a while back.

Unfortunately it appears that what I wanted to do was create a
"noisebridge" *group* rather than account; they share a single
namespace.  So we have a few possible choices:

 - share the password to the noisebridge account, with all the problems
   that entails,
 - rename the noisebridge account to something else and create a group
   named "noisebridge" and add everybody relevant as admins

 - something else?

I'm leaning towards renaming the existing account and creating a group.
The one caveat though is the note on the relevant github page:  "Please
note that you are only given ONE rename".  Would't want to use that up
if it's the wrong thing to do though.



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