[Rack] mchawking IP address still down

Jake jake at spaz.org
Mon Dec 26 21:03:19 UTC 2011

gee i sure wish i could have caught the person on video who stole the 
money out of the noisebridge jar.  I guess we'll just have to consider it 
a negative donation.


If only mchawking's public IP address was working, i might have got the 
video recording working so we would have had video of the whole thing. 
Then we would know who stole it so we wouldn't have to let them keep 
coming to noisebridge and stealing from us.

Can anyone help get the public IP address for mchawking working again?  It 
was and the local address is

(note:  i am in oakland so it is possible that the public IP address has 
been fixed and there is some other reason that the robot is not 
responding, however I assume it is that the public IP link still has not 
been fixed)


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