[Rack] Cisco APs

Jake jake at spaz.org
Thu Feb 10 09:02:10 UTC 2011

i made two or three POE supplies for 1200's and a diagram for making a 
cable to run them from the 3Com POE supplies we have a few of (polarity is 
opposite so just swap the blue pair and brown pair between the AP and the 
3Com box)

the power supplies and the 1200 APs are safe from reverse polarity and 
melting down in general.

the POE things i made look obviously homemade and all work.


> I remember I tried that when I upgraded the 1200s a while back and
> there wasn't enough current on the 1100's supplies or something.
> It might work with some tweaking, but the risk is that the 1100's
> supply might melt and something might happen to the 1200 in the
> process.

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