[Rack] horsy's vnc server, screen resolution, and pxe bootin' zunes

miloh froggytoad at gmail.com
Wed Jan 19 19:10:51 UTC 2011

Horsy got updated to squeeze and gdm3 (thanks Benny!), which broke the
vnc server: x11vnc (x11vnc asks Xauth about magic cookies which asks
gdm but doesn't know about gdm3)

A current kludge fix is to look for individual session
magic-mit-cookies:  ps ax | grep auth | awk '/gdm3/ { print $13 }'
http://forums.debian.net/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=55327  ( link is to first
page of the thread, 16th and 17th posts suggest this solution)

I imagine a better fix would be to look for upgrades to Xauth or file
bugs, unless y'all have some expert advice..

Also, Xrandr isn't working since the update to squeeze -- changing the
screen resolution size is difficult as a result.   Know anything about
this benny?

As brought up on -discuss, the pxe boot image needs to be modified to
rotate the touchscreen and calibrate touch for zune kiosks,  the kiosk
isn't usable with the current image.

I'm interested in pxe so I'll look into it unless there's already
action to solve this.

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