[Rack] Gigabit switch installed

miloh froggytoad at gmail.com
Fri Mar 4 02:56:25 UTC 2011

> If you want to try it, just modify dhcpd.conf on r00ter to boot a copy
> of undionly.kpxe (in my homedir on pony) for a specific mac address,
> then whack ctrl+b at the ipxe prompt.  Say dhcp net0, then sanboot
> iscsi: and you should get
> a stock XP image.  If you're really paranoid, remove your disk first
> since the image will look at it when it comes up.  I'll add a fancy
> menu interface in the near future, so if you want something easy just
> wait for that to happen.

I have the MAC in question but don't have access to r00ter...

> As a side effect of all this, kvm works on pony now and the default
> PXE boot environment is boot.kernel.org instead of the touchpanel
> image.  If you don't know about boot.kernel.org, go PXE boot your
> machine the next time you're in the space and kick yourself for ever
> putting up with USB flash disks.

Using kernel.boot.org for default PXE boots is going to make things
sooo easy around here!  Thanks so much, I'm using this and I already
see why this is a good idea...


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