[Rack] possibility of tenants in the new rack

jim jim at systemateka.com
Sat Mar 5 19:28:43 UTC 2011

    i'm writing to the rack list to see if there's real 
interest or objections or contributions to the idea of 
setting up the new rack and getting some tenant computers 
in it. 

    i believe i may be able to bring from ten to fifteen 
tenant computers to the new noisebridge rack. if so, 
these would pay enough to provide some income to 
noisebridge. management would not be an issue. income 
from tenants would certainly pay more than electrical 
power as well as some and possibly all of bandwidth. 

    to do so would require agreement, possibly consensus, 
prior to which a plan should be made. 
    if i understand correctly, web pass or some other 
entity could provide a high-speed drop to the space for 
about $2500.00 or so dollars. i believe i can get upfront 
cash for that, which the tenants would reimburse--i.e. 
no cash output required of noisebridge. 
    judging from the history of the tenants there would 
be very little physical activity involved in maintaining 
the tenants, and that would be entirely done by the 
tenant groups--i.e. not a lot of people coming into the 
space because of this. 
    there would be infrastructure work to be done, and i'm 
willing to put in hours to help: 
* determine where the new rack lives. 
* bring dedicated power and external ISP lines to the rack. 
* determine some means for protecting the tenant computers 
  from in-the-space hacking. 
* possibly install UPS systems. 

    i'm highly motivated to do this, not that i want to 
be pushy, but i'm certainly willing to push to see that 
it happens, given no unmeetable objections. 

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