[Rack] possibility of tenants in the new rack

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Sun Mar 6 21:48:17 UTC 2011

SFMTA is it's own animal. I have to find out what/how DT's (was DTIS)
relationship is. There is no guarantee on what follows.

DT is not selling tenancy at all...Yet. I worked with other tech's during
the Earthlink/Newsom debacle to present the science that eventually killed
the deal. We also presented several business/financial models to allow for
paid tenancy to provide SF residents with free fiber-speed access. I have
been called by City Hall recently to talk about this again.

I digress. I believe Valencia Gardens trunk runs up 16th St then hooks a
right on Valencia St to the endpoint.

Now, DT will look to install endpoints at locations owned by the city or
recieving city funds. There is a possibility to extend to nonprofits but a
case has to be made. Low-income housing has already been installed from the
Bayview to Mission to TL.

The cost to the endpoint location in hardware is about $5-7.5k depending on
the number of nodes served at that location. I think there is enough
know-how among Noisebridge members to install it but there is some free
professional help available.

I'll be talking to DT this week. We check in monthly.

What about a nice rooftop wireless? If you can see San Bruno Mtn I have
friend with open access their. Also, even just locally there are solid
professional access points, I think. I believe there is actuall a company
besides Monkey Brains that also provides wireless in the Mission.

Another thought is to share a connection with someone else and get a fat
pipe the connect over the air to them. I actually have a set of radios I'm
not using but I think it B-class.

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