[Rack] Rack space elsewhere in 2169

Dr. Jesus j at hug.gs
Tue Mar 8 20:46:47 UTC 2011

Henry says we can install gear elsewhere in 2169.  Prices would depend
on how much space would be used; I said it would be 8sqft for the
cabinet.  If someone has a wall mount rack that might be less.  We
could probably make one out of wood, but I'm a terrible carpenter and
can't say for sure.

I can tie the existing building controller into the cabinet to get
remote alarms for fire/flood and intrusion if I can get some help
wiring the sensors to the cabinet.

>From a legal standpoint, the cabinet would be Noisebridge property
from an 8283 type tax-exempt donation.  The cabinet and its contents
would be under management of whatever collective arrangement the
renters agree upon.  The contents would be the private property of the
renters, a necessary step to protect our tax exempt status with regard
to actions taken with our property. The general membership wouldn't
have access to the cabinet, so the renters wouldn't have to worry
about the contents suddenly being turned into a giant robot.

There's something called a microconduit we can install to extend the
SFMTA fibre conduit on Mission into 2169, and it might be a lot
cheaper than paying $2500 for a webpass install.  I'm waiting to hear
back from SF DTIS to be able to price it, but don't hold your breath.

Alternatively, we can pay $500, run the bill through an art studio in
2111 Mission which is webpass capable already, and extend a link from
their suite across the rooftops to 2169.  The art studio manager is
fine with doing something like that, but we would still need $500 to
turn up webpass in their suite since they aren't interested in sharing
the link and splitting the install cost.

I'm hashing out the details for electrical billing now.  It'll
probably be PG&E schedule A1, non-TOU.

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