[Rack] Rack space elsewhere in 2169

jim jim at well.com
Tue Mar 8 22:03:28 UTC 2011

My responses interspersed below.... 

On Tue, 2011-03-08 at 12:46 -0800, Dr. Jesus wrote:
> Henry says we can install gear elsewhere in 2169.  Prices would depend
> on how much space would be used; I said it would be 8sqft for the
> cabinet.  If someone has a wall mount rack that might be less.  We
> could probably make one out of wood, but I'm a terrible carpenter and
> can't say for sure.
> I can tie the existing building controller into the cabinet to get
> remote alarms for fire/flood and intrusion if I can get some help
> wiring the sensors to the cabinet.
JS: I'll be glad to help. Can provide electrician services as 
well as rack monkey work. 
> >From a legal standpoint, the cabinet would be Noisebridge property
> from an 8283 type tax-exempt donation.  The cabinet and its contents
> would be under management of whatever collective arrangement the
> renters agree upon.  The contents would be the private property of the
> renters, a necessary step to protect our tax exempt status with regard
> to actions taken with our property. The general membership wouldn't
> have access to the cabinet, so the renters wouldn't have to worry
> about the contents suddenly being turned into a giant robot. 
JS: this seems to dovetail with my proposal to allow some dozen or 
so other users to share the cost and such. I wanna persue that 
proposal (politely and helpfully, of course). 
> There's something called a microconduit we can install to extend the
> SFMTA fibre conduit on Mission into 2169, and it might be a lot
> cheaper than paying $2500 for a webpass install.  I'm waiting to hear
> back from SF DTIS to be able to price it, but don't hold your breath.
> Alternatively, we can pay $500, run the bill through an art studio in
> 2111 Mission which is webpass capable already, and extend a link from
> their suite across the rooftops to 2169.  The art studio manager is
> fine with doing something like that, but we would still need $500 to
> turn up webpass in their suite since they aren't interested in sharing
> the link and splitting the install cost.
JS: I'd be up for fronting some money if I can somehow get it 
reimbursed over time (if my proposed renters were part of the 
deal, I believe I could get reimbursement from them). 
> I'm hashing out the details for electrical billing now.  It'll
> probably be PG&E schedule A1, non-TOU.
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