[Rack] opengate sort of works

Rubin Abdi rubin at starset.net
Thu Nov 3 04:36:28 UTC 2011

Running opengate off of pony should work now. The 35 second coded
timeout wasn't coinciding with whatever time out is setup in the
circuit, so I pumped it up to 60 seconds.

opengate is now a symlink to /var/hg/gate/tools/gate.

opengate and opengate-www are the same things now.

http://pony.noise/gate should now tickle opengate instead of
opengate-www, but for whatever reason it now only works about 50% of the
time. Updated some shit to state the 60 second time out. The after 22:00
rule is still active.

http://pony.noisebridge.net/gate/?key=BeExcellent works about 2% of the
time. Not sure what is up with it.

rubin at starset.net

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