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I'll be investigating the utility of this project and perhaps adding nb
in.  Any constructive comments on the proposal or ideas for things to build
around a hackerspace status api?
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Subject: [hackerspaces] HackerSpace Status API – rel0.11
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The HackerSpace Status API proposes a unified syntax to publish information
about a hackerspace for consumption by javascript widgets, mobile apps and
other scripts or programs. The API is flexible, and allows for custom

The API is based on JSON, and defines the properties of the space status
JSON object. In this specification, some fields are mandatory, whereas
others are optional. A hackerspace implementing this API should at least
provide the mandatory fields.

http://hackerspaces.nl/**spaceapi/ <http://hackerspaces.nl/spaceapi/>

Space directory

The space status directory can be found on:


To be included in this directory, please email the author of this document
with your URL.

Status object

The JSON object has these fields:

   api (string, mandatory) – ’0.11′
   space (string, mandatory) – name of the hackerspace;
   logo (string, mandatory) – url to a png, jpg or gif image;
   icon (array, mandatory) – provides url’s to 2 icons to use to depict
‘open’ and ‘closed’ status:
       open (string, mandatory): url to a square png file with a max
resolution of 100×100 pixels;
       closed (string, mandatory): url to a square png file with a max
resolution of 100×100 pixels;
   url (string, mandatory) – url to the hackerspace homepage;
   address (string, optional) – visiting address;
   contact (object, optional) – has the following subfields:
       phone (string, optional) – phone number (in the form of
+CCNNNNNNNNN, where CC is the countrycode);
       sip (string, optional) – sip uri (eg. ‘sip:gmc at pbx.sonologic.net’
       keymaster (string or array of strings, optional) – phone number, or
phone numbers of people able to open the space (for spaces where not all
members can unlock the door
       irc (string, optional) – irc channel in the form of
       twitter (string, optional) – twitter account in the form of
       email (string, optional) – general email address;
       ml (string, optional) – public mailing list address;
       jabber (string, optional) – jabber chatbox;
       …. – additional fields may be added if needed (but please let the
author know, so it can be added to the spec in order to achieve consistency
across implementations).
   lat (float, optional) – latitude
   lon (float, optional) – longitude
   cam (array of strings, optional) – webcam url(s);
   stream (array, optional) – object indexed by stream type with url to
stream as value (eg { ‘mp4′:’http\/\/etc…’,'mjpg’:'…**.’})
   open (boolean, mandatory) – ‘true’ if the space is currently open,
‘false’ if not;
   status (string, optional) – additional free-form string to specify the
‘open’ status (ie, ‘open for public’, ‘members only’, …)
   lastchange (long int, optional) – seconds since epoch of last change in
the open field;
   events (array, optional) – array of recent check-in/check-outs or other
relevant events the space wants to share (such as the fire-alarm).
       Each entry in the events array has the following fields:
           name (string, mandatory) – name or nickname of person or object
associated with this event;
           type (string, mandatory) – ‘check-in’ or ‘check-out’ (other
values may be specified, but receivers of the object are not obligated to
be able to understand these)
           t (long int, mandatory) – time since the epoch for this event
           extra (string, optional) – additional information
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