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Link has been flatline since about March.  Looks like your rate is set at
$75/month.  No payments since Dec 1, 2010.

Service level?  For $0, zip.  :)  Our contact is Andrew Isaacson and only he
can make decisions about the link -- we only work with one contact at
NoiseBridge as we don't have the personnel bandwidth to deal with the entire
group.  Are you all done with the link?  We can remove it -- we'd need an OK
from Andy, or someone could be kind enough to drop it off at our office.



415-974-1313 (office)

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Ronald Miloh Alexander wrote:

> Someone filled out the form on MonkeyBrains.net
> Here is what they entered:
> ------------------------------**-------------------
> department: billing
> Name: ronald miloh alexander
> Zmail: froggytoad at gmail.com
> phone: 415-596-0827
> address: 2169 Mission Street
> emailSubject: Noisebridge service
> emailText: Hi,
> I'm working with the Network team at Noisebridge and it looks like we have
> Monkeybrains ISP service that we have not been putting any traffic on.
> What are the current monthly fees and service level?
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