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miloh froggytoad at gmail.com
Mon Mar 19 22:54:42 UTC 2012

On Sun, Mar 18, 2012 at 5:46 PM, isis <isis at patternsinthevoid.net> wrote:
> Hash: SHA256
> Heyo everyone.
> I'm Isis! I put my gpg and ssh key on my NB wiki page, as was
> requested for access to pony. I want to play with Consenso and things.
> Also (and perhaps this would be something that I should ask Jake
> about), but I used to work on MC Hawking, and now his IP address seems
> no longer correct, and I believe the external one is removed
> completely (which I kind of understand, seeing how
> er..."non-three-laws-compliant" that robot is). I guess I'll either
> ask Jake or mess around with it while RMS is talking tonight.
> Beep,
> <(A)3
> isis
> Version: GnuPG v1.4.12 (GNU/Linux)
> +rVx06TAEZeUGKfcKDQQwCHoB4z+ezun/9hAPZQugo8dSqvhiqdnbYnc1yXBYsxM
> mprajQigmTCNE8y+7ONyxjddJ/6DLigyPXBdom9uM3w0VghvaxkPHsaUQlo0Xv+a
> D4aucTOZsCXTMHJK90Y3V9WbApviKZQDl3fvCkcE2khnxEr0Y8vcRXEXkRgWBxrJ
> Q9VycA5LyW08AWCXDMFP3SvanegUhsmjSJfGGLjfjVEeW/OcF7+h4KWK9QhpjTAO
> 3UF/RU+8wlanR4byJV0mCnUmb0Zue1aZPNAnnFvMN/Kf01ERCN+3cmlNQBuDbbOK
> xj/l/1pwyCRCJq8zRcAC4GT1VSdZtqJre4BlZZVf93l62v0IMFTJd5xVHu8UEX2F
> hQ7BNgPzZ1EpJVlN1BmwjFSf8Xb8cVtnofyUnd9krngnfuiySbVmlchEV1MxljFH
> RCOR71DGAYLt2R/8cUcWv+rjKfYigof61HoqbaYDcAJLl8jwgWJ8/T7qdTv3jWuR
> E4GoTzzqCJPF/n9AnAawf53siVO/8PMpZWQ03F/bp0Y/PY7YhFqxSH+ROFmLHAy/
> VzhO9SxDlc6PhQOogPoaa4tm9VgxPzJAacepNtpLJ1oLFDMsiOP1I+OX8vY3vmT6
> Vovdhs6cCxES7BfbshP6
> =hSH2
> _______________________________________________

'allo everybody -- I set isis up... welcome to pony!

btw w/r/t/ the external IP issues and mcHawking/consenso/horsy:  I'm
looking for people to help find solutions to this problem.

Also in the future, I remember an excited talk in Europe about getting
some ipv4 space for systems on a DMZ at noisebridge..

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