[Rack] temporary mock logo for the wiki?

Mark Meves mark.meves at gmail.com
Mon May 14 10:46:06 UTC 2012

i hope that this is the appropriate forum for this.

i think this is so brilliant that it deserves to be posted as the logo that
appears in the upper left of our media wiki for like a week or something.


i would have (maybe?) done it myself but i (reasonably) don't have shell
access to that VPS, so I am relying on someone else to do-ocratically swap
the image if they feel so inspired after reading this email.

I think it is in good fun, and that it will bring some much needed levity,
and for many reason i'm finding hard to articulate, I want everyone to see
it and imagine it placed in some formal important place for they themselves
to ponder the absurdity.

(for the record I am neither for or against sleeping at noisebridge. (it
seems to work in some europe hackspaces, it seems frequently fail here.))

Best, hipe
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