[Rack] greetings + dell machine running distcc

Nick Owens mischief at offblast.org
Wed May 23 02:43:13 UTC 2012

hello rack@,

i am nick aka mischief. i like things like openbsd, debian, plan9, pf, lua.

i've recently set up a machine running distcc and buildbot, a continuous
integration tool, on debian stable at ass.noise (, since the
old ass seems to be missing. i was recently informed that any machine not
mentioned to rack could be violently defenestrated, so i am turning it off
for now. however, would it be possible to have a vm running distcc/buildbot?

also, i read on the wiki that ass was an noisebridge info terminal present
at the front table.. would anyone object to me setting up a machine for
this purpose again?

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