[Rack] [Noisebridge-discuss] hacking on noisebridge api

Josh Juran jjuran at gmail.com
Mon Oct 22 21:18:36 UTC 2012

On Oct 21, 2012, at 12:15 AM, Danny O'Brien wrote:

> Me and Josh did some work on the Noisebridge API today to let his
> android app (and anything else) use the door code system. You can now
> optionally add a 'key' field to the /gate/ command, which will only
> open the door if the key value is a valid current door code.
> It's intended to provide an interface for people wanting to build
> other tools that rely on the doorcode, rather than an authentication
> system for the API itself.

I added a new Web service on pony to complement (and perhaps  
ultimately replace) the existing gate Web page.  I'd like to both  
review it myself and get it peer-reviewed before exposing it  
publicly, so I'm not going to document it in this message, other than  
to mention that it uses the revised gate API, and consequently uses  
the same set of codes as the gate's keypad.

I've uploaded a new beta of Noisegate which is a client of the new  
Web service.  It includes a 12-key virtual keypad for numeric code  
entry and submission.  It works.



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