[Rack] internet suckiness

Ben Kochie ben at nerp.net
Wed Feb 13 22:03:45 UTC 2013

I'm doing some tests and it looks like we're between 800kbps/1.6mbps over 

This seems slower than usual, we may want to ping monkeybrains.


On Wed, 13 Feb 2013, Shawn wrote:

> I cannot get my work done at noisebridge because I experience too poor of internet. I remember
> getting 500kB/s but now I only ever get around 60kB/s, even when hardly anyone is at the space.
> This is not a local connectivity problem--i get noisebridge-a (5ghz 802.11n) and even installed
> the gigabit switch.
> Is both sonic.net and monkeybrains working?
> I am mainly downloading software, and a local mirror of debian and ubuntu (inc ubuntu ports)
> could be of help, but really the internet needs to be faster.
> ---
> Shawn Landden

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