[Rack] where is horsy?

Jake jake at spaz.org
Thu Feb 28 04:53:20 UTC 2013

i wanted to play some audio in the space and i tried to log into 

and it didn't work..  so i went to look and see if the hardware was maybe 
not plugged in.. and i couldn't find it.

normally it's on top of the stereo near the whiteboard in the middle of 
the main part of the space (near the electronics hack shelves)

it's not there.  the optical cord that normally comes from it is not there 

does anyone know where it is?

also, there is a USB sound-card on the ceiling, plugged into a USB 
extension cord and a long 1/8" audio cord, sending audio to this stereo 
from somewhere (probably stallion)

does anyone know how to use this?  I tried this:

jake at pony:~$ ncmpc -h stallion.local

but it didn't work.

I would like to replace the USB sound card on the ceiling with a USB 
digital sound card - its output is optical.  I will run a fiber optic 
cable from it to the back of the stereo, so it will still work.  The idea 
is that since the other computer is in the other room, there is a long 
ground loop.  Also, since the USB sound card is a "C-media headphone sound 
card" they tie the "ground" pin of the audio output to 2.5VDC from the 
computers' USB port.. which we are connecting to ground on a stereo 30 
feet away... it's a recipe for disaster and bad sound quality.

also, i need an account on stallion.  Just copy my pony credentials.


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