[Rack] Spare VOIP ATA for Crashspace?

Jonathan Lassoff jof at thejof.com
Tue Jan 22 00:24:21 UTC 2013

I was down in Los Angeles this weekend visiting some family, and was super
pleased to find out how proximate Crashspace was.

I took a ride down there and got a little tour. Very cute little
hackerspace! I'm looking forward to going back sometime to spend some more
time down there.

However, I did find the awesome rotary payphone with my pulse->DTMF adapter
that Miloh brought down there, but it's languishing in storage without an
ATA adapter to get it onto VOIP.
My tour-guide / minder, Kyle, suggested that it would be really cool to
setup a automatic ringdown setup on an ATA so that the phone would
establish a hotline into Noisebridge and potentially vice-versa.

I'd like to give this a shot and get it going -- but just need an ATA.

Does anyone know of any spare ATAs or PAP2s laying around that we could
donate to Crashspace and setup an auditory portal into their space?
I know there have been several kicking around 2169, but I haven't seen them
in a while.

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