[Rack] minotaur is down

Ben Kochie ben at nerp.net
Sat Jul 6 05:56:27 UTC 2013

Ok, Henner and me verified.
/dev/ttyS1 is upstairs keypad
/dev/ttyS2 is downstairs keypad

baron is ready for startup.


On Fri, 5 Jul 2013, Ben Kochie wrote:

>> you will notice a four-way plug that has yellow and black wires, and goes 
>> to the blue serial cables.  Those are 12v power for the payphone and 
>> upstairs keypad.  On minotaur there was a jack on the motherboard that 
>> happened to put out 12v like that, so that's what that is.  If you find a 
>> way to power those from the new situation that would be great.
> Minotaur is back online, with a fresh Debian install.  I've copied the basics 
> back into place, but there will be some work needed to get everything back in 
> place.
> Henner is helping out soldering up a random 12v PSU to the two DB9-RJ45 
> adapters to provide power to the keypads.
> We should have things rolling soon.  If you're looking for data from the old 
> install, check out /var/backups/old-minotaur/
> Please be careful with disk space use.  The SSD that is providing the mission 
> critical rootfs is only 2GB.
> There is a 750G drive setup with LVM to be used for other stuff.
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