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Mon Jul 8 00:37:12 UTC 2013

On Sun, Jul 7, 2013 at 12:18 PM, Jonathan Lassoff <jof at thejof.com> wrote:
>We have a spool of Cat5e somewhere just for this purpose. Distribution
>ports should be landed in Susan the rack, or if they are few in number
>as a well-bundled, non-messy cable to the GigE/PoE switch in the upper

ok great. if 'somewhere' can be 'upgraded' to a where we will at least try
to get started on turing/church/treehouse side. i'll ask around see if
anyone knows where it is.

>To what are you referring to? The "racks" draw 0 power.
>That's the idea of the upper rack: minimal equipment needed to keep
>internets functional, using minimal power. Susan the Rack is being
>slowly deprecated.

ok. i hadn't seen (via threads) historically that they had been changed.
there was discussion about power issues for everything in house before
(what everything in house pulls individually) and some had said the boxes
with the hosts on them pulled a lot of power. very kewl that is no longer
the case.

>What would this include? All I've ever found myself to need are some
>screwdrivers (in the toolchest), a cable crimper (in the reserved
>cables/connector box in the "Penisland" closet)

like to have a full tech's kit (hopefully more than one) on hand not just
for the 'rack shack' but for all kinds of shit keeping it tucked away (at
least partially) to prevent theft at least in a small way. putting it on
the wishlist puts it in people's heads and then they see shit down the road
that can at least go into a kit and grab it @ a yard sale, C.L., freecycle

>We have boodes of "Miloh enclosures" in the elevator vestibule. Just add

do you happen to know if they've already been checked out/tested for "does
this shit work?". i'll take a look and see if they're marked as such at all.

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On Sat, Jul 6, 2013 at 11:53 AM, maestro <maestro415 at gmail.com> wrote:
> > Begin:
> > New Rack Wishlist for hardware, software, cables, connectors,
> > accessories, widgets, toys and everything and anything needed to
> > upgrade, enhance, secure, and maintain 'the racks' in excellent
> > ways...
> >
> > This will be a thread that can be continuously added to and it will be
> > most excellent if an item is received and used on the Wishlist that
> > someone delete it. One of multiple ways to do this is paste the last
> > updated Wishlist with the item removed and a note to the thread e.g.
> > [Ammending Wishlist]
> >
> > ______________________________________________________________________
> >
> > ______________________________________________________________________
> >
> > + working ethernet cables 100ft. and longer that can reach
> > Church/Turing(needs replacing)/Treehouse and the other end of the
> > space
> > + modern 'racks' that are much more power efficient
> > + hardware tech's full tool kit (with redundancy on as many tools as
> possible)
> > + proper hardware cleaning kit(s)
> What would this entail?
> > + external storage device(s) for back-ups and archives


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