[Rack] [Noisebridge-discuss] Unable to get in recently

Jake jake at spaz.org
Mon Jul 8 03:35:08 UTC 2013

someone please tell me something.

what happens when minotaur tries to open the gate?  Does the solenoid make 
a buzzing noise but just doesn't open the door or what?

does voltage get sent to the solenoid or not?  It should give about 24 
VAC.  If you have a regular (not CCFL) lightbulb you can hook it up to the 
wires going to the solenoid (just right to the prongs of a light fixture, 
after testing that light fixture in an outlet) and see if it glows when 
the solenoid should be going.

If voltage is getting to the solenoid, but it is not working (measure the 
solenoid with an ohm meter, it should be less than 500 ohms) then the 
problem is the solenoid.

If there is no voltage getting to the solenoid, maybe the problem is the 
intercom systems' ability to send power to it.  It could be a fuse is 
blown or something like that.  You know minotaur was just replaced right? 
there might be a problem there.

Let's isolate the problem here.  And don't bother the landlord, we made 
this mess and if we can't fix it RMS help us.


Danny wrote:

What's the current status? It sounds like we should talk with our landlord
contact to get this fixed?


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