[Rack] reconfigured baron_upstairs

Leif Ryge leif at synthesize.us
Wed Jul 10 09:16:30 UTC 2013

As per the consensus at tonight's meeting to require a code on the
upstairs keypad to unlock the gate from upstairs (for a trial period of
two months) I just now disabled promiscuous mode on the baron_upstairs
service in /etc/monit/conf.d/baron

I also made the upstairs baron log to /var/log/baron-upstairs.log
instead of the same baron.log file the downstairs instance logs to.

I had some difficulty getting monit to recognize the changes;
running "monit restart baron_upstairs" restarted it with the old
arguments; "/etc/init.d/monit restart" followed by another "monit
restart baron_upstairs" left it running but "monit status" saying it

Repeated applications of the turn-it-off-and-back-on-again technique
eventually yielded a state where the right daemons are running with the
right arguments and the "monit status" command acknowledges this.

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