[Rack] manual threading?

Johny Radio johnyradio at gmail.com
Wed Jul 31 19:56:01 UTC 2013

Hi Rack

For my convenience, I do my list reading on the archive pages. Example:

When i reply, it's by way of copy-and-paste. Instead of clicking "Reply" 
in my mail client, i just copy the subject line from the archive, 
expecting that by using the same subject line, my message will be 
attached to the same thread.

Peeps are reporting that my message breaks the thread. Meaning, even 
though my subject is the same, my message does not get displayed with 
the thread in their email client. I'm guessing there must be some hidden 
header containing the thread info. Is that correct?

Is there a way I can adhere to threading while not subscribing to all 

Many thanks,

Johny Radio

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