[Rack] hi! (introductory message)

bleak bleak at decepticons.net
Thu May 23 00:01:26 UTC 2013

hey y'all, I was directed here by the wiki, so here I am introducing
myself. the name is bleak. here's my wiki page:

that isn't a very good introduction. i just moved here from Michigan-- been
here about a week-- and while this is my first time in the city I was born
and raised in the south bay. i have an interest in learning how pretty much
everything works, so as a neat project i'd see if i could successfully set
up my iphone to be able to SSH into pony and open/close the gate from
there. i've set up SSH from my phone but i generated my dsa keys on my
computer, so i'm not sure that's going to work out. however, my iphone
terminal client is unreadable to me and so I'm not sure how to work that
out. anyway, i can work that stuff out later. right now, it would be
awesome if someone could help me finish creating my account on pony so I
can at least test this stuff out.

thanks for being y'all, y'all.

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