[Rack] Networking as of 2013-10-02

Ben Kochie ben at nerp.net
Mon Oct 7 20:11:55 UTC 2013

The keypad is controlled from the rack mounted soekris, minotaur.

Since the DSL line is still down, I can't debug this remotely.


On Mon, 7 Oct 2013, Andrew Byrne wrote:

> This probably has nothing to do with this conversation, but the keypad entry system is totally
> dark. Thanks for the work by those more familiar with this domain than I. -AnB
> On Oct 7, 2013 12:19 PM, "Ben Kochie" <ben at nerp.net> wrote:
>       On Mon, 7 Oct 2013, Omar Zouai wrote:
>             I did consult the rack. Hence this current debate. Yes, when the
>             network went down, the r00ter
>             was rebooted multiple times. And yes, I let it sit for half an hour,
>             both on and off. I did
>             what was necessary to maintain a internet connection at the time in the
>             space, and came up with
>             an idea on how it can be improved.
>             Yes, I did read the damned wiki while trying to get the internet back
>             up(mobile data).
>             CF Card? After 4 unsuccessful boots, I opened r00ter up. There wasn't a
>             CompactFlash in it.,
>             the only thing remotely visible to it is the WiFi chipset. Maybe this
>             is a problem?
>       Are you sure you looked at the right box?
>             Correction, Networking is simple, but will get more and more complex;
>             which would be fine if
>             all the equipment was "perfect", and did everything it was supposed to
>             do without errors and
>             never failed.  But we don't live in a perfect world, things will have
>             errors, and equipment
>             will go offline. That's where the nightmare comes in.
>       No, it was already as complex as it needed to be.  We had a nice simple
>       all-solid-state router to connect, failover, and load-balance our two ISPs.  You
>       want to replace this with a 150W server with fans and hard drives?  And you call
>       this "simpler"?
>       We even simplified the network just a few months ago by removing two switches from
>       the critical path and replaced it with one good Juniper switch.
>       The noisebridge network is actively maintained by this group.
>             I highly doubt watching the rack is good enough to prevent fuckery. If
>             someone was determined
>             enough to do something stupid, they simply would just go do it, without
>             consulting the Wiki or
>             Rack.
>             On Oct 7, 2013 3:53 AM, "Ben Kochie" <ben at nerp.net> wrote:
>                               The network at noisebridge is not a toy for you to
>             play
>                               with.
>                         Disclaimer: I actually agree that it would be much more
>             convenient if
>                         the network wasn't dramatically gutted when not necessary.
>             I only point
>                         out the following technicality.
>                         This is "doacracy" at its best (and worst). Technically, it
>             is a toy
>                         that people could play with. It's a shame the play wasn't
>             "playing
>                         nicely" with the work already done (and previously
>             working).
>                   Actually, the network is one of the few places that is not a toy
>             to play with.  We
>                   (the rack list) keep an eye on things and try and keep the
>             fuckery on the network
>                   to a minimum.
>                         Glen
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