[Rack] Networking as of 2013-10-02

Jonathan Lassoff jof at thejof.com
Sat Oct 12 05:55:07 UTC 2013

I was in the Mission tonight and felt compelled to head over to
Noisebridge and scope out the situation.

Sorry I've been a bit of an absentee network admin these past few
weeks. I've been pretty sucked into work as of late.

Anyway -- the current state of things isn't so hot.

Issues I can see and could use some help with:
1. There is now a big shelf sitting perpendicular to the wall-o-tubes
and Susan Jr.. This is mutually exclusive to placing a ladder anywhere
reasonable to work on this gear.
2. The Sonic.net DSL modem is just plain unplugged from both power and
Ethernet. WTF.
3. bikeshed the router is nowhere to be seen. I met a nice guy there
tonight who helped me look for it a bit in the member shelves area. He
thinks RAYC knows where it could be.
4. Monkeybrains is patched into a dummy switch and the noisebridge-a
AP. As you connect to noisebridge-a, you randomly do or don't get a
DHCP response from monkeybrains. It hands out public IPs.

One bright spot: Someone has kindly connected some SOHO box
("belkin54g") that works pretty decently NATing out to Monkeybrains.

I'd like to get this kabelsalat back together and clean up the mess.

<half-troll>Maybe we should get a locking door for Susan Jr.?</half-troll>

On Tue, Oct 8, 2013 at 9:39 AM, Nick Owens <mischief at 9.offblast.org> wrote:
>> Swap out a small router for a 150w server? Yep, that's my idea in a
>> nutshell. Even though it might be more resource intensive, there's always
>> pros and cons to an idea.  Here's some that I see.
>> Pros:
>>     Able to incorporate gateway, dhcp, dns into a singe box.
>>     Able to shape bandwidth to prevent hogging.
>>     Able to create different networks for different clients.
>>     Able to efficiently blacklist anything that would make the FBI storm
>> into NoiseBridge.
>>     Logging of how the network is being used.
>>     High memory/cpu.
> these can already be accomplished without this poor hardware.
> i wonder why r00ter was renamed bikeshed... :)
> mischief
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