[Rack] Networking as of 2013-10-02

Nick Owens mischief at 9.offblast.org
Sun Oct 13 06:06:38 UTC 2013

> I was able to SSH to it when visiting, not sure about the console
> port. Maybe not using a null modem cable?

i was under the impression the net6501 was the new bikeshed, and i don't
have an account on it. if i had known it was minotaur i would not have
tried to use the serial :p

> Great that the 5501 was found! Can you place it up in the mini-rack?
> It doesn't have any 19-inch-compatible ears, but seems like it'd be
> less likely to get messed with up there.

i've already left. i'll be back at nb tomorrow, perhaps to discuss some
plan 9, and work on the network more.

you should check your irssi instance sometime, jof. i highlighted you a
few times :)


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