[Rack] Internet Speed update

Robert Chu robert.chu01 at gmail.com
Tue Oct 15 08:09:42 UTC 2013

FIRST AND FOREMOST, I was not unplugging wires randomly, As I have worked
as a Data Center Technician for 5 + Years!!!!!


So currently there is only one other person using the network to stream
music, and are current Internet speed is 8Mbps per second or ~1 Mega Byte
per second / upload 20Mbps.

When the Internet was "BROKEN" it was 32mbps or ~4 Mega Bytes per second /
forgot the upload.

Numerous people have complained about the Internet speed in the past, and
now that it is the same way it was before I feel that people are going to
continue to complain about it. For a lot of the regulars that were here
when it was broken, feel that the speed of it was greatly faster and more

In the past I would actually have to ask at least two people to stop
streaming videos to download an iso at a nominal speed, or even use the
Internet smoothly.

In addition, I have spoken to one person and told her about how the
Internet was "Broken/faster" and she replied by saying that was the
originally one of the reasons why her friend stopped coming to Noisebridge.
There are also quite a few others that have left Noisebridge because of the
slow connectivity as well.

Hopefully this isn't the end to a solid Internet connection.

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