[Rack] mediawiki syntax

crw at crw.io crw at crw.io
Mon Oct 21 21:02:02 UTC 2013

On 10/21, johnyradio wrote:
> anybody know how to force mediawiki links to open in a new window?
> Not globally, just on a case-by-case basis.

In doing the research you've done, you've pretty much already answered
your own question. Kudos! :)

Looks like the options are to either enable it globally, or install an
extension to allow arbitrary attributes to be added to any link. To be
honest, neither of those sounds very pleasant. The default is to allow
(read: require) users to manage their own windows and tabs by holding a
modifier key while clicking the link or right-clicking or whatever.

I think this is sane default behavior that we should stick with, but
you know the whole do-ocracy schtick. Do as you like.* 

* (within reason)

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