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More philosophical discussion, feel free to ignore.

On Oct 21, 2013, at 2:23 PM, johnyradio <johnyradio at gmail.com 
<mailto:johnyradio at gmail.com>> wrote:
> Hey Jeffrey Carl
> I wanted to get your opinion on target="_blank".
> I'd like this option on the nb wiki, so external links don't take 
> people away.
> your thoughts?

On 10/21/2013 2:24 PM, Jeffrey Carl Faden wrote:
> Sure, it's a good attribute to use for external links.
> You can quote me on that.
> Jeffrey

Jeffrey Carl is not necessarily endorsing that for the wiki, just in 
general. His opinion does not necessarily count for much-- he teaches 
"Frontend Web Development" classes at Noisebridge, a 6-month, 4 
hours/week curriculum which includes HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Ruby, and 
"best practices".

As tech tutor who teaches computers and electronics to total beginners, 
I'm familiar with the pain-points of beginners. My goal is convenience 
for users.

If the Rack group was against this globally, that would be reasonable, 
as that would impact other authors. But to be against it as an option, 
as a choice, which will not affect any links except where the author 
explicitly specifies, seems quite dictatorial to me. The goal is not 
convenience for anyone, just imposing and restricting, in opposition to 
NB's supposed ideals of no-rules and non-hierarchy.


Johny Radio

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