[Rack] Vandalizing continues

Johny Radio johnyradio at gmail.com
Fri May 9 17:53:25 UTC 2014

sorry to keep bugging you rack, but some loser is continuing to 
vandalize my wiki posts. I've repeatedly asked Rack to block anonymous 
edits on Events and been refused.

-i'm organizing an event to receive a donated CNC mill. The 
event-listing was vandalized. Inventables.com is donating equipment 
worth over $500 to noisebridge, and this loser is shitting on it. The 
people who admin the wiki refuse to stop the vandalizing.

-i'm organizing a noisebridge fundraiser. the event listing was 


-i have repeatedly removed the junk edits, and the vandal keeps 
re-vandalizing. This is one persistent loser.

-i moved my userpage to a new page in an effort to avoid them, so now 
they're just linking to their vandalized versions on my new userpage.

Can someone please explain how giving a free pass to vandals supports 
noisebridge ideals, as Jeffrey Carl stated. which noisebridge principle 
says we must give a free pass to vandals? how exactly does that support 

if you're unwilling to block anonymous edits to the events page, then at 
least please delete the history of my userpage to get rid of the 
vandalized versions.

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