[Redshirts] Tuesday morning docent of do-ocracy and destruction

Andrew Byrne andrew at pachakutech.com
Tue Sep 24 14:46:20 UTC 2013

Garbage was taken out by race and others. J.C., Rayc, Mitch and I among
many agreed that we should clear Noisebridge of all people tonight,
starting around midnight. Zeke (the guy with the dog Chase) had to have
heard us, and started working on a Dell tower from the hackRacks, the first
time I've seem him do something of the kind. At about the time Rayc started
telling other people, I told him we were closing at midnight--if it looks
like I'm foreshadowing, it's because I am. Some irregular regulars with
apparent aim to hack came by as we were closing the place down--the guy
with the black joy division jacket and Jean Jacques. Both were congenital
and left when asked. In a most amiable conversation, we educated the former
on our one rule--him not having gotten a tour. Pidgeon dumped a bunch of
mate on the floor and then got angry when I started sweeping it up; I
attributed this to them wanting to stay a little longer, did my share of
the sweeping and let him have the dustpan to put away; the event was not
jovial and I made reference to the U.S. military in Iraq with respect to
zed's phrase "I'll clean up my own mess"; it could have gone better, and
also worse. Mitch hung around engaging late-night hacker Mike in most
excellent conversation, and left bringing most everyone with him, it being
pre-arranged that I and Russell would observe the space overnight. At
around 3 AM, Noisebridge was empty for about 5 minutes. Then Russell, whom
I feel compelled to tell y'all is a Frenchman, went apeshit on the hacker
attackers with the 8lb. BatcaveVaughn and I pulled some screws out of the
carcass and
-stacked the remains in the woodshed,
-stowed the hardware on the cord rack and adjacent shelves.
-put salvageable screws in the shop.
And lo, there was a sign (pic attached). RErbase called it.

Dan came in around 6. Now Zeke is back at 6:30, buzzing the buzzer and
accompanied by a short, blonde-redheaded security officer I don't
recognize; not being able to see them through the camera, I met them at the
door and told them to come back when we turn the key code system back on at
7; they haven't come back and it's a quarter to eight.

Tl;dr: After emptying Noisebridge of meatforms, we unplugged the keyed
entry wire from what I assume is Minotaur around 3 and then busted up the
ratshit-topped hacker stackers; resultant technical difficulties of turning
off the door have been forwarded to rack.

Also, a monkey.
That is all.
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