[schemers] Chicken Scheme's static html generator "Hyde"

John Magolske listmail at b79.net
Fri Apr 15 05:27:29 UTC 2011

Hi all,

Below are my preliminary notes from setting up & using the Chicken
Scheme static html generator "Hyde" [1]. I've only just begun to play
around with it, but it seems fairly flexible & capable. I'll write a
follow-up once I've re-implementing my B79.net site with it...for now,
here are the basics in case anyone's interested in getting started.

Hyde doesn't come with a markdown to html conversion tool; it relies
on whatever markdown is in your PATH. I installed discount [2], which
is a markdown utility written in C (so it's really fast, it's what
Reddit uses [3]) that has a nice feature set. Here's a writeup [4] of
its complete syntax (not just what discount extends over the canonical
markdown). Ok, let's get started...

Install the hyde egg:

    chicken-install hyde

Initialize a site in the current directory:

    hyde init

Create an index page, in this case using with the markdown (md) syntax:

    hyde new md index

Compile the current site:


Serve the current site with spiffy (the chicken scheme web server).
Issue this command, then point your browser to localhost:8080 and
requested pages will be compiled as needed with each request:

    hyde serve

So basically, a sequence of commands like so:

    % mkdir mysite
    % cd mysite
    % hyde init
    % hyde new md index
    % vim src/index.md      # open with a text editor & add content
    % hyde

The Chicken Scheme Gazette [5] is created with Chicken Hyde. You can
find all the Hyde source files used to create it here [6]. And here's
a Hyde-powered blog [7], including a write-up of how Hyde was used to
build it.

[1] http://wiki.call-cc.org/eggref/4/hyde
[2] http://www.pell.portland.or.us/~orc/Code/markdown/
[3] http://blog.reddit.com/2010/02/reddit-has-new-rendering-engine.html
[4] http://tedwise.com/markdown/
[5] http://gazette.call-cc.org/
[6] https://anonymous:@code.call-cc.org/svn/chicken-eggs/gazette/
[7] http://pestilenz.org/~ckeen/blog/posts/hyde-blog-generator.html 



John Magolske

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